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Follow Your Heart

By Uri Dushy

Orginial / 100 x 100 cm


3 Layers Mixed Media on Aluminium

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Uri Dushy’s works merge the experience of movement in space with the familiar urban everyday. His visual world blends images from different fields, inspired by cinema, childhood heroes, art history and personal nostalgia. Charlie Chaplin in “The Kid” is an example of an iconic figure who, using humor and nostalgia, enlivens a public space with questions which are relevant for the present and for art. Dushy returns graffiti and street art to the canvas and invites the viewer to engage with it anew. He accomplishes all this by means of a bright palette and the transformation of the image so as to create a rhythm which matches the chaotic pace of urban life. The visual collage creates an order that urges the viewer, in Dushy’s own words, to “Follow [their] dreams” - thus establishing an enduring, loving connection with the audience. His work is found in public urban spaces around the world and in select galleries. Dushy was born in 1963 in Givatayim. He started out as a musician and photographer, which is evident in the rhythm and never-ending melody of his artworks.


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