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About Us

Art Market gallery is a unique and innovative space at the Tel Aviv Port. The gallery, which offers a large and varied collection, is part of Bruno Art Group (BAG) and acts as the headquarters and main Israeli branch of the group. Bruno Art Group was established over a century ago in Romania by Marko (Mordechay) Abramovitz. Under the leadership of his grandson Motti (Mordechay) his small gallery and workshop became one of the fastest growing Israeli art houses in the global market. Today, the group has galleries and offices in Singapore, Belgium, India, Korea and the United States, with mentionable art fair participations worldwide. BAG is dedicated to promoting great Israeli art and exhibits works by local masters (including Dada and Kinetic Art pioneers Marcel Janco and Yaacov Agam) alongside works by promising emerging artists. On top of that, the group has an expertise in urban art. Some of its most recent projects include 'Euphoria + Ladder Man' in Bangkok, Uri Dushy's installation at the 'Ocean Financial Centre' and David Gerstein's 'Momentum' Sculpture, both in Singapore. Art Market was established as an attempt to make art and art-buying more accessible. The welcoming 200 sq meter space is set at the vibrant, popular Tel Aviv Port and offers a large selection of local and international art of different styles and price points. The gallery also holds events to allow visitors to enjoy and be educated on art, free of charge. Exhibitions, offline and online lectures, wine nights etc. As part of BAG's expertise in Kinetic Art, which includes representing master Yaacov Agam and working closely on the newly opened Agam Museum, Art Market has recently inaugurated 'Agam Salon', a space dedicated to the gallery's unrivaled collection of Agam works and other kinetic art. We are looking forward to see you, coffee is on us!

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