Natan Elkanovich

Born in Moldova, former USSR, in 1966. Elkanovich immigrated to Israel in 1976 and is an alumni of the "Shenkar College of Engineering and Design," in Tel Aviv. In 1995 Elkanovich began working as a senior costume designer in the Israeli cinema and television industry. His work was recognised with several local academy awards as he saw great success working with some of Israel's most prominent stars. Amongst others, he has worked with Gal Gadot, to whom he dedicated a portrait. Ever since painting became an integral part of his life, Elkanovich has worked to develop his unique painting technique in which he uses different materials, including plastic, silicon, acrylic, glitter and Swarovski elements to create a 3D texture on the canvas. This method is painstaking as it is done entirely by hand. Elkanovich's subjects are often derived from popular culture and from art he admires. He uses his method to offer a unique and innovative take on pop art, drawing portraits of important figures and creating homages to some of his favourite artists.

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