Luc Dratwa

Luc Dratwa was born in 1958 and currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Self-taught, he displayed a passion for the arts from a very early age. At first, Dratwa was attracted to painting, but subsequently turned to photography, which quickly proved to be his preferred artistic medium. Since 2009, the city, and New York in particular, has been a favourite theme for the artist; its multi-facetted qualities offer endless possibilities for him to give free rein to his creative imagination. Dratwa’s vision of the photographer is not limited to the click of a shutter; he attaches great importance to the need to think about the works in their totality. Every detail is carefully considered and planned by the photographer, from the photo shoot to the print, from the frame to the paper. A palpable perfectionism is present in each of his creations, in which nothing is left to chance. From Paris to Bangkok, via New York, Amsterdam and even Singapore, Luc Dratwa is now represented all around the world. He has taken part in prestigious contemporary art fairs, including Art Paris, Art Lille and Art India, where he enjoyed great success.

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