Ilana Gal

At first glance, Ilana Gal’s lively and colourful paintings have a deceptive naiveté. On closer examination however, the strangely piercing expressions of the characters and their intriguing compositions imbue them with an unexpected emotional impact. Gal explains: "Whenever I approach a new canvas, I begin with unguided strokes and allow the composition to simply emerge. The figures that survive on canvas are those which I myself connect to. Sometimes I ask myself: Who are these characters? Do they look like me? Is this me, or the one I would like to be?”
Born in Israel in 1968, Ilana Gal has now been painting for two decades. She began her career at the School for Graphic Design in the Israel Valley where a teacher encouraged her to devote herself to painting. Though she followed his advice, Gal’s training undoubtedly influenced her style and graphic elements continue to inform her images. The artist’s work has been the subject of numerous successful exhibitions all over the world.

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