Hanna Sahar

Hanna Sahar was born in 1966 in Ramat Gan, Israel, to Iraqi immigrants. At 21, she began studying photography at the "Camera Obscura" School of Art in Tel Aviv. As a student, Sahar worked as a photojournalist for major Israeli publications including "Yediot Ahronoth" and "Maariv". Sahar's first of many major exhibitions was called "Princess Bingo" in which she depicted characters from the margins of the Tel Aviv nightlife scene. These works were praised and described as an honest dialogue with people that are usually stereotyped, including prostitutes, transsexuals and gamblers. Some of Sahar's other iconic works are her photographs of celebrities. Throughout her career the artist has received many honours including Israel's "Young Artist" prize in 1998 and the Tel Aviv Museum's "Constantiner Photography" award in 2001. She lives and works in Tel Aviv.

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