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Adriana Naveh

Naveh was born in 1963 in Mendoza, Argentina. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the De Cuyo University in her hometown of Mendoza. She immigrated to Israel in 1985 where she studied etching and drawing at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv under famous artists such as Ian Rachwerger.
She was employed as an artist at the Calman Shemi studio. She studied Interior Design and she teaches drawing at a variety of institutions. She lives in Jerusalem with her two children.  
Naveh’s art work depicts scenes from everyday life with an atmosphere of spiritual introspection. Her canvases are mainly worked on with large palette knives and she has recently begun to work on aluminum using acrylic paint with generous layers of lacquer. Working with this material forces different types of compositions, pushing Naveh in the direction of colorful, abstract urban landscapes.

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